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Standard design Equalizing Tilting Shoe Thrust bearings include vertically or horizontally-mounted bearings in sizes from 4 to 17-inch diameter, standard and large bore, two and six-shoe. Non-equalizing Tilting Shoe Thrust bearings are also available in 4 to 17-inch sizes. Standard Thrust bearings are split design for ease of installation and replacement and are interchangeable with most other thrust bearings. Custom Tilting Shoe Thrust bearings can be produced up to 60-inches outside diameter.

High Performance Thrust Bearings

  • Cooler Shoe Inlet Temperature.
    Unique Controlled Inlet oil pocket with hydraulic feed piston supplies cool oil to the shoe with fewer parts and a simpler assembly than other directed lube designs.
  • Lower Horsepower Loss.
    OCI* design reduces horsepower loss nominally 20% due to reduced oil flows and lower surface drag. Additional savings are achieved at higher speeds.
  • Higher Capacity.
    New offset-pivot shoe design plus Controlled Inlet allow capacity increases to 50%.
    • New retainer design reduces stack height 30%
    • Oil requirements reduced 40%.
    • Controlled Inlet functions as a cool oil supply, collar wiper and hot oil carry-over director.
    • New OCI Thrust bearings interchangeable with standard bearings for increased load capacity or reduced horsepower loss.

*patent pending

Now you can perform bearing performance calculations on-line. Use our "Performance Direct" calculator to immediately obtain operating data for your bearing application.

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