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Pre-engineered Pivoted Shoe Journal (PSJ) bearings are cataloged in sizes from 1 to 10-inch shaft diameter with either standard or flange mounting. Combination PSJ/thrust bearings with thrust on either or both ends are offered in flat plate, tapered land, equalizing or non-equalizing tilting shoe thrust surfaces.

All standard design PSJ Bearings have split housings and floating seals for ease of bearing replacement without disturbing the shaft or coupling.

Custom PSJ Bearings can be designed and produced for any application up to 42-inch shaft diameter. Special designs including pivot forms such as ball-socket are available.

High Performance AdvantageTM PSJ Bearings*

  • High efficiency - 35% improvement.
    Maximum shoe temperatures reduced 30% compared to other designs. Lower oil flow requirements produce horsepower loss reductions up to 35%.
  • High Capacity - 150% loading.
    Improved cooling, lower losses and lower shoe temperatures allow higher loading.
  • High Performance - a new industry leader
    Directional discharge design provides effective removal of oil from the bearing cavity. New double-helix design wipes hot oil carried on the journal into strategically placed drain holes, minimizing hot oil carryover. New Advantage PSJ bearing fits standard PSJ bearing packages for easy retrofitting.

*patent pending

Now you can perform bearing performance calculations on-line. Use our "Performance Direct" calculator to immediately obtain operating data for your bearing application.

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PSJ Bearing
High Performance AdvantageTM PSJ Bearing